is a Berlin.js spin-off with a special focus on JavaScript running in the browser on top of HTML & CSS. This includes JavaScript-driven web applications (“HTML5 apps”), desktop browser apps as well as mobile apps and games written in JavaScript.

Join us Thursday, February 27, 2014 around 7pm for the eighth meetup.

It will take place at the bitcrowd office, Sanderstr. 28, 12047 Berlin, Aufgang III Etage 3. It is located near the U-Bahn station Schönleinstraße (line U8).

There’s an event page on you might join to acknowledge that you’re attending (this is not mandatory).

How it works

Our goal is to have high quality talks with a low entry barrier. We’d like to attract people who are familiar with developing JavaScript apps, as well as people who are new in this world.

We also aim to promote discussions and hear voices from different backgrounds. Therefore we usually have…

  • Two slots for 15-20 min talks + discussion and
  • Two slots for 5-10 min talks + discussion

If you would like to give a presentation, just drop us a mail!

In case you’ve missed the recent meetup, you can browse the slides of all past editions.

We are all awesome!

We’d like to bring people on the stage who haven’t spoken before and probably hesitate to present. Everyone of us does interesting stuff on the interwebs. We want to hear what you have to say!

Are you into JavaScript and HTML5 and would like to give a talk, but you’re unsure about the topic or the structure? In the spirit of We Are All Awesome, we’re offering mentoring to answer your questions, give speaking and slidedeck advice, as well as technical input for your talk.

The mentoring team: Tiffany Conroy (SoundCloud), Benjamin Kubota (Moviepilot), Mathias Schäfer (9elements), Robin Mehner, Jan Lehnardt.

February 2014 meetup schedule

Web technologies for desktop development

Darko Kukovec

With web apps gaining popularity an idea was born to make an web app in an native web view and so the hybrid app was born. While talking about hybrid applications today, people tend to think only of the mobile apps. This talk will instead concentrate on hybrid desktop apps: what wrappers are available, which features they offer and my experience with node-webkit.

Learnings from two real-live apps with AngularJS (and some other)

Dirk & Chris from bitcrowd

@bitcrowd is about fast software releases. Under this viewport, we compare two apps we build with AngularJS with the previous Backbone.js approaches and an 'old-school' rails app we created recently.

This talk will focus on the build process and the outcome, touching the techniques or designs of the frameworks rather briefly. Also, we will try to constitute a rule-of-thumb on page-reloads and which (parts of )?an application might be best suited for which strategy.

Soulseek.js, a WebRTC odyssey. A p2p filesharing platform in the web browser.

Jelle Akkerman

9 months ago on Angelhack Moscow I felt like playing with WebRTC (html5 feature allowing p2p connections directly between web browsers). I decided to port my favourite p2p file sharing platform Soulseek to the browser. 48 hours and a second prize later I felt like I stumbled on something cool, but left it untouched as most of my hacks..

Until two weeks ago. I decided to rebuild it from scratch in Clojurescript in combination with Facebook's React. This talk will be a show and tell on the process I went through. Buzzwords: WebRTC, Om, React.js, ClojureScript, Angular and Cupcake hackathons.

Handling user capabilities

Tiffany Conroy

What if some of your users have access to some features while others don’t? Have you spent time thinking about or implementing patterns for handling the logic around user capabilities in a client-side app? I have a lot of questions and no concrete answers. Let's start a discussion that can continue into the break.