Next meetup on April 17th

Node Deployment

Bodo Kaiser

Ever thought about bringing your node app public? Then you will know the pain of either being forced into a PaaS environment or being overwhelmed by the freedom of a virtual machine. In this speech I want to share some experience I made with hosting nodejs applications and how you can get a good mix out of both worlds.

Basically the speech will cover the choice of the right linux distribution, how to use git for deployment, how to define your app as a service and how to put multiple apps behind a proxy.

Building messaging using open systems

Simon Tennant

We briefly glimpsed a golden age of open messaging with the advent of XMPP, and then quickly retreated to our communication silos because it was hard to implement in the JSON landscape. Now, two new libraries ( and xmpp-ftw) are bringing an open and extensible communication to the browser. It's now possible to build an open messaging stack that interconnects with different sites. In the browser. 100% silo-free!

This talk will discuss XMPP's design and then show you how to use XMPP-ftw to add user and group communication to your application. From simple group chat to being a signaling system for WebRTC calls.


Philipp Hancke

WebRTC brings realtime communications, voice and video, to the open web platform. With toolkits like simplewebrtc you can add a simple videochat to your website in less that five minutes. The quality of apps like or Jitsi Meet is impressive.

This talk will explain why WebRTC is important and why it needs more open web hackers. It will also explain some of the challenges you will face when building a webrtc application and how to get around them.


Know Your /'s

Lindsay Eyink

A brief history of the tech industry and Silicon Valley — LSD, counterculture, hippies, communes, The Whole Earth Catalog, and California.

History and culture informs everything we do. Where you grew up affects how you think, the way you create, and how you do business. Should Berlin try to replicate Silicon Valley?

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