Next meetup on October 15th

No meetup in September, because there is Reject.JS

CRDT sync with Swarm.js: real-time and offline for collaborative apps

Victor Grishchenko

Data sync is everywhere: users need to collaborate, devices need to sync, apps need to access data concurrently. Real-time apps, data backup, offline work, local caching and many other topics boil down to data synchronization.

Long story short, Swarm.js makes a practical use of Commutative Replicated Data Types to synchronize data. It does real time, it also does offline. We'll talk what it takes (streams vs REST) and how to live with that (APIs and stuff).

Making a collaborative whiteboard using

Hoxton One is a scalable node server designed for realtime webapps.

We'll explore its features by creating a virtual whiteboard with collaborative editing, communication between users, permissions and more!

So M(ar)V(elou)C! How Ember.js puts MVC into practice

Jessica Jordan

MVC architecture has become a huge topic in modern web development with several JS frameworks on the rise.

In this talk I'll give you an introduction to the core concepts of the open-source framework Ember including naming conventions, routing, components and data handling. I'll show you the benefits of Ember CLI as a build tool and which steps will help you on your way to your own first Ember app.