Next meetup on November 20th

How JavaScript is helping in the current Ebola outbreak

Didi Hoffmann

The current Ebola outbreak in West Afrika has shocked the world. Software has played a huge role in managing everything from case management, lab result synchronisation, delivery of goods and even the management of burials. What a lot of people don't know is that most of this stack is written in JS.

In this talk we will discuss what the requirements were and are, why we chose JS and a brief overview of our software and stack.

Generate all the test data!


Maybe you've heard of QuickCheck before. It's a library that makes it easy to generate random test data, check that doing a specific thing with the data has a certain expected outcome, and when the check fails, it shrinks the example so that you end up with a minimal failing test case.

How does random testing work? How does it apply to imperative, dynamically typed code? In what situations is it better suited than classical example-based testing? Those are a few questions that I'll try to answer in this talk. (The code examples will all be in JavaScript.)

Write your stylesheets in javascript!

Oleg Slobodskoi

Lets discuss all the possibilities we get out of the idea of writing css in javascript. The basic idea is not new, but I think most people don't realize how powerful it actually is, especially today where CSS needs lots of dynamic language features and also our layouts are not static any more. I also wrote recently a tiny tool called jss which helps with some basic tasks. It brings all the features you might know from sass or stylus just for free, without precompilation, with some performance advantages and almost no overhead.

Components, React and Flux

Dan Abramov

Coming from a native background, I was surprised how hard it is to build dynamic, performant and maintainable UI code for the web. We tried jQuery, Backbone and Angular. In the end, we settled on React and recently transitioned 100% of our code to it.

I want to give you an intro to React and how it solves our frontend problems at Stampsy. I also want to give an overview of Flux, the architecture that works best with React.

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