Next meetup on May 21st

JavaScript Crypto

Nils Kenneweg

JavaScript is on the rise and provides many advantages.
To secure user data one might want to do crypto in JavaScript too.

This talk will be about the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript crypto, the available libraries and what one can do to make JavaScript crypto more secure.
Also it will talk about the days to come and how they might solve all remaining problems regarding javascript cryptography

WebRTC 101

Mykhailo Lieibenson

Brief dive into world of peer-to-peer real time communication with common approaches and pitfalls explained.

Modern browsers are so powerful that they easily can handle audio, video, screen- and file- sharing right in the same tab allowing to keep in touch with your colleagues and have great conference experience without any specific software installed.
Just your browser.

Create collaborative applications using diffsync

Jan Monschke

In this talk I will introduce a new module that allows to synchronize data in collaborative web applications.

Data synchronization algorithms have been around for a quite a while. The first papers on this topic have been published in 1989 and the algorithm (Operational Transformation) that is derived from this paper is the de-facto standard for many collaborative applications.
In 2009, a new algorithm (Differential Synchronization) has been introduced that simplifies and enhances synchronization. I wrote a node module that allows you to easily add collaborative features to your web app using this new technique.
diffsync on Github

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