Next meetup on April 20th

HTML Email in the React World

Luis Merino

In our company we send out plenty of HTML emails per day, over a dozen different layouts.
I'll show you how we're getting a handle of it with React (as a rendering engine), and how is given us a better and more consistent layout system. On top of React emails we set out to create a great developer experience for our teams.

Ladda - A New Library for Client-Side Caching

Peter Crona
Gernot Höflechner

Everyone wants to offer a snappy experience to their users, but it often comes at a cost. One common solution for increasing performance in a web application is to introduce client-side caching, but this quickly leads to increased complexity and subsequently an increased number of bugs.

In this talk we will present how we think caching should be tackled by showing Ladda, a library that we use in production at Small Improvements. Just to reveal a little: Framework agnostic, untouched complexity of application code, simple specification of invalidation logic and of course open-source!

We will tell you what Ladda is and can do, and we will show you examples of why and how you can use Ladda.

Just another ECMAScript Trait Syntax Proposal

Peter Seliger

Being concerned about what the TC39 board might in future come up with from its strawman trait proposals, I did start writing one myself. And just for backing the paper and for figuring out how the concept of traits might be implemented into JavaScript in order to fit an average developer's needs, I also wrote a fully working ES3 based abstraction layer.

I will briefly introduce the library's trait specific composition language, accompanied by working examples. And I really would like if you're going to question some of the ideas.