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React Cosmos 2.0

Ovidiu Cherecheș
React & JS developer

Announcing the 2nd major version of Cosmos. One year in the making, 2.0 packs a major rewrite and long awaited features. Besides an extendable Component Playground, Cosmos now bundles automated test helpers, offering a cohesive process for developing and testing React components.

Time for IntersectionObserver- a performant and easy to use alternative to scroll handlers for in view detection

Jonas Ohlsson Aden

Lazy loading content, tracking impression, animation triggers - for many years we have utilised scroll handlers to detect when to trigger such actions. Now modern browsers are supporting IntersectionObserver, a new API that comes with better performance, and results in cleaner code.

In this talk I will show you what Intersection Observer is, what type of code it replaces and why it is a better alternative.

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