Next meetup on July 16th

Rethinking backend with webtasks

Tomasz Janczuk

You are writing a mobile or HTML5 web application that needs just a little bit of a backend. Maybe you want to access MongoDB, send an SMS, or an e-mail. Do you really need to host your own Node.js service to run this small snippet of backend logic?

In this talk I will take a hard look at the role of the backend in modern applications. I will introduce the concept of a webtask - a lightweight representation of backend logic that can safely be embedded in a client application. I will show how you can use modern container technologies based on CoreOS and Docker to build a generic, multi-tenant runtime for securely executing webtasks directly from a mobile or HTML5 application. You don’t need a backend to run backend code.

This talk is based on lessons learned when building the Node.js sandboxing technology for internal use in our core operations at Auth0.

Find out more:
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Migrating from Ruby on Rails to React + Fluxxor

Michał Koźmiński

In this talk I will show my story about migrating Rails app to Flux. I'll show what are the benefits and how to not get stuck in the middle of process.

How to plan migration with a small steps. And keep improving app durning migration without maintaining 2 versions and same time.

Better Accessibility with Javascript

Melanie Thewlis

This talk draws on some recent practical experience developing a website for bagfa, a peak body for volunteer organisations working with people with disabilities across Germany.

The talk will present some background on the relevant legislation, W3C standards and testing approaches. It will also cover some useful code snippets to improve navigation for users with visual and motor impairments. Finally, we'll look at how popular JS libraries Leaflet, Isotope and Owl Carousel can be adapted to be more accessible.

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