Next meetup on May 18th

Building a realtime chat with React & GraphQL Subscriptions

Nikolas Burk
Developer at Graphcool

GraphQL is the successor of REST APIs and a declarative way to fetch and update data. This new paradigm is unlocking a completely new ecosystem turning frontend developers into superheroes.
After a quick introduction to GraphQL, we'll setup a fully-fledged GraphQL backend using Graphcool and implement a realtime chat using React and Apollo Client.

Intro To Property Based Testing

Robin Thrift
Software Engineer at NewStore

Property based testing is a method often found in functional languages while being relatively unknown to many other communities. Unfortunately this way of testing is often shrouded in theory heavy descriptions and jargon. I want to break it down and show you how you can test the properties of your JavaScript without loosing you head. Let me show you how to make testing both fun and rewarding (again).


Oleg Slobodskoi
Front-end Engineer at Chatgrape, maintainer of JSS

Top 9 things about CSSinJS. There are a lot of discussions about this topic. Most benefits people talk about are not unique to CSSinJS or are not solving real issues. For the most use cases PostCSS and css-modules are perfectly fine solutions. Let me show you things you might be not aware of.

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