Next meetup on March 16th

Crafting lovely git narratives to enable software archaeology

Morgan Roderick

In this talk, I will share practices, tips, and techniques that I have learned, which make my everyday life with git easier.

Mimstris: porting an arcade puzzle game to React / Redux

Mims H. Wright

I thought it would be fun to build a tetris clone so I could make weird-shaped pieces with my 4 year-old. But what started out as an innocent game tutorial soon became a semi-obsessive crash course in modern front-end concepts. It also is quite fun to play! Come watch as I retell my journey from nothing to a 60-line package.json file.

Upgrading to Webpack 2

Felix Jung

Webpack is a module bundler for JavaScript applications. The final version 2.2 was released in January. It supports tree-shaking for smaller builds.

What I learned when upgrading and optimizing an Angular 1.5 project from Webpack 1 to Webpack 2.