Next meetup on February 15th

Humanizing Your Documentation

Carolyn Stransky

It’s no secret that people don’t usually read technical documentation for pleasure. Users often come to your docs when they are frustrated, disappointed and at their lowest. In this talk, we’ll discuss how the language we use affects our users, the first steps towards writing use case-driven docs, and how to implement this in your developer workflow.

The Little Things – An introduction to JS code golfing

Rebecca König

Code golfing – a wonderful world of tiny unreadable programs that do a lot more than you’d think by their size. Let’s have a look at the JS1k competition, Tetris in 512 bytes, and how to join if you are interested. Most importantly though let’s have some fun with JavaScript without all the requirements, dependencies, and concerns we have when creating “production-ready” code.

Wonders of Typescript type system

Krzysztof Kaczor

Lately, we observe the rise of typed additions to Javascript language like Typescript or Flow. They all seamlessly blend with Javascript while providing additional type safety. This interop with existing ecosystem forced language designers to explore ideas like gradual and structural typing. In my talk, I want to present extraordinary features of Typescript type system while building something practical — React, Redux web app.