Next meetup on September 19 th

Fetch me if you can - Handling API data in different JS frameworks


Fetching and displaying third party API data has become a very popular coding challenge, either before or during interview processes. Having seen several candidates going through this exercise, I'd like to walk you through on how to do this in React, Vue and Svelte, show you pitfalls and common struggles, and explain what the interviewer wants to learn about your skill set with this approach

Let's Test That Real Quick

Jan Stępień

Property-based testing changes the way we look at our test suites. Instead of specifying test cases one after another, this advanced testing technique enables us to automatically generate a stream of inputs. Despite its potential, property-based testing still remains under the radar within the JavaScript community. Let’s try to uncover its strengths together.

The talk will discuss how property-based testing compares to traditional testing methods and demonstrate its principles with simple examples. In order to bust the myth of the inapplicability of property-based testing in a real-world setting we’ll bring up some use cases from industry. Finally, we’ll wander into the world of concurrency and the automation of race condition detection.

Talk to the customer!

Roman Paradeev

In big companies developers tends to be separated from the customers by customer support, managers, etc.

I would share a story on how a product could benefit from a direct communication between developer and customer.

One guideline to test them all

Mehmet Yatkı

Testing itself is one of the most controversial and opinionated topic in dev world. Not because it's complicated, but because it's not standardised. Let's change that together. I'd like to share a handbook that thought me how to listen to my tests, what did my tests say about my code and how they eventually made me a better developer.

In this talk I'll focus on how to end 2 most frequently debated topics:

  • How to organise test types?
  • How to use test doubles?