Next meetup on February 21 st

Lets Compose Web Components

Henrique Limas

Creating web components shouldn't be limited to extending classes, it should use native solution but no magic that we can't understand. What if instead of classes, we could create web components using only functions and being able to compose some of them together. In this talk we are going to see how we can use a library and native solutions like template literals for defining web components.

Supporting Each Other: Growth for Juniors and Seniors

Lara Martín

Bringing Junior developers into your team can be a challenge, but it can also be rewarding. Mentoring can benefit both sides: It can help juniors with the most difficult moment in their career, and it can help seniors become better professionals. Come and learn how juniors and seniors can support each other and grow together.

Conversational Sign Up with Chatbot-like Experience with React and Redux

Ilona Demidenko @ilonacodes

The beloved chatbots are occupying a lot of IT-fields incredibly fast because they are easily customized, validated, API integrated. In short words, smart AI. In my talk, I am going to explain how to easily customize conversational sign-up forms with multiple field types to collect information through a chatbot-like experience written with React and Redux such as Name, Email and so on. Moreover, I will highlight how to recognize if the user enters the right data and how the chatbot will be making decisions and how to proceed with conversation depending on the user's replies.