Next meetup on April 18 th

Asynchronous JavaScript under the hood

Jevgenija Zigisova

We all know these 2 facts about JavaScript: it is single threaded and asynchronous at the same time. At first glance, it seems very controversial. How being able to run only one thing at a time Javascript can run multiple asynchronous operations?

I am going to explain how asynchronous code like promises, async functions, event callbacks etc. are executed by browser. You will see how JavaScript engine, event loop and task queue is working inside browser’s runtime environment.

If you haven't use Ember.js before, its the right moment to try

Iaroslav Popov

You might ask, isn't Ember.js dead now? Isn't it gone in vain and only crazy guys left supporting some legacy applications hoping to rewrite everything in React and Redux? Dead wrong.

Although Ember.js was around for 5 last years, it wasn't a mainstream ever. Mostly due to the fact that no big companies with unlimited marketing resources were supporting it. But last year, after LinkedIn invested a lot into Ember.js it starts gaining momentum. It used also in Netflix, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Intercom and Siemens.

Maybe you have make a closer look to this framework? And if yes, where to start?

Building high performance native mobile apps with Titanium

Rene Pot

A common misconception with cross platform tools like Titanium (or React Native) is that apps built using those technologies are less performant than native apps. And while this is often the case, the cause is rarely the technology, but how it is used.

But how do you achieve high performance for both iOS and Android? This talk will dive into common pitfalls which slow down the app or make it feel sloppy, and obviously how to avoid them and structure your Titanium app so you can avoid this.