Next meetup on January 17 th

Enforceable environment variable contracts at runtime

Brian Graham

This talk will discuss typed-env, a library that enforces a schema for enviornment variables that is enforced at run time (and also compile-time if using TypeScript). Able to use rich-types such as enforcing high-entropy passwords or real URLs, as well as grouping common envvars together.

Back to the future of JS: The next features and amazing proposals

Willian Martins

Do you want to know what the next exciting JS features that you don't even know you need? So, let me show you four proposals that may change the way you write code as spread operator did. These features are:

  • Array.prototype.flatMap
  • Pipeline operator
  • Partial application
  • Bind operator ::
After showing the usage of these features I'd like to invite you to help TC39 push these features forward and to contribute with proposals that you'd like to see implemented in Javascript.

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