Next meetup on March 21 st

A practical overview to micro frontends

Öner Zafer

The term “micro frontends” was first mentioned in 2016 to address the bottleneck problem in microservice architecture, the frontend monolith. With the microservice architecture, it was easier to scale backend teams but this was not the case for frontend teams - until now.

During this talk, I will provide you some insights on micro frontends architecture and terminology. While I'm sharing my implementation called "microfe", I will give you some hints of possible problems that need to be solved. To show other possibilities, I will make some comparisons between "microfe" and Project Mozaic by Zalando and Single SPA.

Everybody Needs Somebody

Mirjam Bäuerlein

This talk is about how to support people like me: the palm-sweaty, moms-spaghetti scaredy cats that wish they had the courage to meet new people at conferences. Nobody should miss this opportunity. Let’s make tech events more approachable and create a good experience for everyone.

Build Dumb Sh*t

Sara Vieira

We tend to see our jobs and our work as developers as the pursuit to help the world and build useful things for other people because that's what we are taught.

When we learn something, we make to-do lists, we make useful things. In this talk, I am gonna try and show you the value of making dumb and useless things.