Next meetup on June 21st

Modeling the Physical World with Three.js

Patrick Dubroy

Three.js is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to build and deploy 3D applications. At Lyft, it’s at the core of several tools that are critical to our self-driving car project.

In this talk, I’ll focus on using three.js to model the physical world — something that’s pretty important if you’re trying to build a self-driving car. I’ll cover the basics of 3D programming and introduce the abstractions provided by three.js. Finally, I’ll demo a few of our internal tools and discuss how they were built.

Snapshot Testing: Not only for UI

Alexander Beletsky

Snapshot-based testing re-gained its popularity in front-end development with Enzyme and Jest projects. It became a handy way of testing complex UI components representation.

In this talk, I want to show a little bit of history and philosophy behind snapshot based testing. It's usage does not only apply to UI components, but also HTTP API's and legacy systems. I will elaborate on the benefits that snapshot testing can bring into your daily development work.

Webpack's DllPlugin for vendor caching & better build times

Praveen Kumar

This talk will show you how to do vendor caching with Webpack and will highlight use cases where DllPlugin is more suitable than CommonsChunkPlugin.