Next meetup on November 21 st

How to connect 1980 and 2019 with a Chrome extension and Chrome Native Messaging

Matthieu Kern

Quentin Ménoret

At Doctolib, we need to interface with different kinds of softwares, from SAAS platforms to native softwares developed in 1980. Almost none of these are meant to allow communication with external tools. We've setup an API using a Chrome extension and a nodejs binary deployed on the machines of our clients to connect with these softwares.

During this talk, we'll speak about how to create a Chrome extension allowing to do such actions. We'll also talk about the deployment of a binary written in Javascript and embedding a Node.JS runtime with PKG to communicate using Chrome Native Messaging with the Chrome extension.

Basic Git commands every developer should know

Meghna Srivastava

Learn about the basics of Git. This talk is mainly centered around covering the beginner's guide to Git. What is git? What is a version control system? Even if you're a seasoned programmer there's no loss in refreshing the basics.

Conducting Effective Code Reviews

Umut Benzer

Code review is serious business. It is one of the defenses against introducing bugs into the codebase. In this talk, I will talk about:

  • What can machines auto code review for us and why
  • What should a human check while reviewing (common errors, best practices, etc.)
  • How to communicate in the progress of code reviewing