Next meetup on August 16 th

Compiler in JavaScript using ANTLR

Alena Khineika

There are plenty of options, if you need to translate one language to another (for example English to German). But what about programming languages? Is it possible to translate JavaScript to Python? Is there any way to customise this process? Where should you start?

Lets talk about language compilers and basic principles behind it. It sounds a bit scientific, but it can also be very interesting and probably significantly different from your routine programming tasks.

WebAssembly ES module integration

Lin Clark

Currently, WebAssembly modules and JavaScript modules don't play together... but that's changing. With ES module integration, JavaScript modules and WebAssembly modules will live in the same module graph. In this talk, I'll explain how this will work and where we are in the process of making it happen.

Accessible Charts Done Right

Sergei Kriger

What can be better than beautiful, descriptive and interactive charts for presenting complex data? We like charts because we tend to perceive graphical information faster than plain text. But what about people with visual impairments? How do they get information from charts? Is it even possible to make charts for everybody? Definitely yes! In this presentation I will guide you through real world examples and identify solutions and best practices for making charts accessible.