Next meetup on May 17th

The tech behind a design system that scales

Monica Lent

Design systems can help you to stop reinventing the wheel and offer a consistent experience to your end-users.

In this talk, you'll see how to use React, Emotion, and Storybook to implement a design system that scales: in terms of people, products, and processes.

Styleguide Driven Development

Philip Stewart

Apps rapidly change and their UI is getting more and more complex. We constantly have to add more UI components. These components usually start as static sketch files from the designer. Developers then try to add them directly into the app while writing them. To accomplish this, they need to run the full application and dependencies like backend services. While a component is developed, there is also no way for the designers or POs to look at them.

With my talk I am proposing a development workflow that incorparates a "living" styleguide. I am going to show how easy it is to add the storybook styleguide to your project and how it makes our lifes as a developer easier while making others happy :)

LoveBits - using code poetically, by writing (runnable) code poems

Murat Kemaldar

LoveBits is about writing code poems written in JavaScript, to show that code is more than just a functional language. It's about showing that code can even be used poetically, to tell stories.

Would tell a bit about how the project came to be, show pieces of code, and the interactive parts, when the code poems become interactive.