Next meetup on September 20 th

Using New Web APIs For Your Own Pleasure

Michaela Lehr

When I first heard about the Web Bluetooth API I was so curious, that I could not wait to try it out. So I asked myself: Which Bluetooth device should I buy? Especially if I do not want to through it away after I was finished experimenting with the API. So obviously a Bluetooth enabled vibrator was a perfect fit. And it came with a serious use case, too: The slogan of the vibrator was "Let him control you", which I found very limiting, so I used the Web Bluetooth API to connect it to the browser, and the Web Audio API, to establish my own slogan: "Let a video control you". In my talk you will learn how to use the Web Bluetooth API to connect a Bluetooth enabled device to the browser. Also you will see what is possible with the Web Audio API, especially when it comes to analyzing spoken words.

When Porgs Scream at Webpack and Other Stories

Dominik Kundel

For many web developers the world of hardware is very intimidating. However, getting a project to work is incredibly fun and rewarding.

From an API for your coffee machine to a porg that screams every time your webpack build fails, the only limit is often your imagination.

We'll look at different ways to combine JavaScript and hardware, from APIs all the way to JS enabled microcontrollers. All tied up with some live demos and ways for you to get started.

Testing ES6 modules with Introscope

Peter Leonov

Testing ES6 modules can be tuff, esp. if the module has small public API but rich internals. We in my team at Zalando developed a babel plugin (called Introscope) helping to look inside any module turning it into a factory function. This helped us develop some cool techniques for more or less robust side effects based testing with mocks, spies and Jest snapshots.