Next meetup on October 17 th

Modular Synthesis in the Browser

👻 Spencer Rudnick 👻

Synth Kitchen is a modular synthesis environment powered by React, the Web Audio API, and the Web MIDI API. In this talk I'll demo some synth patches, review the code architecture, and discuss the plans for future development of Synth Kitchen.

Foundations of custom data visualisations

🎃 Adrian Mróź 🎃

Sometimes libraries with charts are not enough - they lack customisation or don’t support that one chart type you would like to use. I'd like to show you how to start with custom data visualisations using grammar of graphics. Grammar of graphics is a popular model of graphs and charts. We can combine it with functional programming to produce nice data visualizations.

Handling a JSONP nightmare

🕷 Vinicius Kiatkoski Neves 🕷

JSONP is an old topic but when you work with different integrations/clients you can expect everything to happen. I used to work for a recommendation systems company so our clients were e-commerce stores. Sometimes we needed to do customize our solutions to them. Here began my issue. One of these custom features was to use what we called “price API”. The name is self-explainable but it is an API where I could fetch a product’s price. It is very useful and can even have custom stuffs related to client business. One client decided to do such API using JSONP, so far so good, but the callback param couldn’t be modified (don’t ask me why). Here I had to use my creativity and create a custom but interesting solution.

Hooks everywhere - Apollo/GraphQL is no exception

🦇 Vilva Athiban P B 🦇

The fame of Apollo/GraphQL and React Hooks are increasing every day. Many have already started using both in production. Now React hooks are possible in Apollo Client as well. Anyone who used Render props pattern of Apollo client will definitely love the way how hooks make the code readable and elegant. My talk will be on how to use hooks with Apollo client.