Next meetup on July 18 th

RxJS in 10 minutes

Jan-Niklas Wortmann

RxJS is the state of the art library for reactive programming in javascript and it's popularity is increasing from day to day. But, it's super hard, right? In this talk we will discover the insights of RxJS by implementing the basics from scratch - within 10 minutes!

url-io - What the world looks like as observable paths

Liam Mitchell

In this talk, Liam will share url-io, a library that Liam has developed over the last few years to manage data fetching. URLs (or at least paths) are very well understood. By resolving these paths with Observables (RxJS), we can build reactive applications by defining our data dependencies as paths.

Applying visual automata-based programming to user interfaces

Łukasz Makuch

What does it mean that user interfaces are stateful and how can we use state machines to decompose them? This talk will be a brief introduction to visual automata-based programming in functional JavaScript.