Next meetup on July 19 st

I didn't know that!

Stefan Judis

In 2017 I discovered ~50 things in WebDev that were unknown to me. These are now documented on my blog. The fun thing is that these are sometimes very advanced but sometimes also very basic.

I want to share a lot of nitty-gritty details of JavaScript but also want to take away the fear of the audience to say "I don't know that" and show the power of starting a routine that helps to gain and remember knowledge.

TC39: Language Design in the Open

Yulia Startsev

Have you ever wondered how JavaScript gets specified? Or been confused as to why certain decisions are made? A language like JavaScript, with a large diverse user space, is half designed, and half reverse engineered.

Like all web standards, JavaScript is developed in conjunction with the realities of the web and user decisions in how the language is used and formed. This results in unique backwards compatibility issues such as the recent smooshGate discussion.

This talk will discuss constraints, mediation strategies and issues that have arisen over the years.

Visualising third-party website trackers

Princiya Sequeira

In this talk we shall try to get an overview on web tracking while looking into the lessons learned from migrating a legacy privacy add-on using ES6 from SVG to Canvas, synchronous to asynchronous data capture & storage, with performance being the key factor.

Canvas comes with its own challenges and we shall look into practical examples of how we tackled them. We shall also look into the concepts behind JavaScript physical simulations in order to understand the graph networks & hierarchies and the web-worker based approach for better graph performance.

Lastly, let's see how all of this can be converted to an immersive virtual reality experience using A-Frame!