Next meetup on June 20 th

Interactive web animation with SVG

Cassie Evans

Have you ever felt uninspired by the every-day grind? Like coding is all work and no play?

Come with me as I take you on a whistle-stop tour of delightful SVG animations. We’ll also cover some fun new ways that we can interact with our animation in the browser as interaction is what makes animation on the web so fun.

By the end of this talk, you will feel enthused and inspired to make your own creative web animations with SVG.

WebAssembly: How and why

Milica Mihajlija

How to run C++ or Rust code in the browser, why would you do that, and what does it all mean for JavaScript and the future of web development?

If you just smile and nod at the mention of binary and compilation targets, this talk is for you. It will be your gentle, illustrated guide into how WebAssembly works, why we need it and how you can benefit from it in your next project (even if you continue to work with JavaScript only). Exciting real-world applications and implications included.

Performance Engineering at Scale

Behrooz Nobakht

Adoption of micro-services architecture allows deployment of services to grow rapidly using horizontal scalability. The distributed nature of services combined with the scale and size of deployment brings new challenges to performance engineering in terms of detection, analysis, and tooling across different technology stacks.

In this session, we talk about a few performance engineering challenges in this area and how we could tackle such challenges with better techniques and tooling.