Next meetup on November 15 th

Quickstart with D3

Adam Janes

D3.js is one of the most widely-used tools for JavaScript developers to create advanced interactive data visualizations for the web. However, to truly take advantage of the power and flexibility of the D3 library, developers face a famously steep learning curve to get their heads around the syntax. In this talk, we will be working through an example that highlights what D3 can do, whilst covering some of the most challenging concepts for beginners.

Making Weird Physical Art + Games With Cross-Platform JavaScript

Mike Lazer-Walker

How can we use JS to make weird games and interactive art installations? “Hello, Operator!” is a game made for a physical telephone switchboard from 1927. I'll talk about why prototyping both on- and off-hardware matters for projects like this, how I used JS to build a cross-platform game engine that runs anywhere from a CLI to an iPad to 100-year-old hardware, and at a high level how anyone with JS skills can get started with hardware.

Electron: It's not just hello world

Vanessa Yuen

Since first released 5 years ago, Electron has made a name for itself as the go-to tool for building desktop applications with web technologies. While Electron has significantly lowered the barrier of entry for cross-platform desktop apps, the journey of bringing a "hello world" Electron app to a production ready one is still not one without obstacles. In this talk, we will have an honest discussion about the gotchas of building a real-world Electron app, and tools that can help overcome these challenges.